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Strongstyle Athletics


Hands-On Coaching & Customized Programming 

Take Your Fitness To The Next Level 

We are a team of coaches with an extensive background in strength training and powerlifting. We have all competed at a high level, but more importantly, we have all worked with a wide array of clients, ranging from those who simply want to look better, to those who want to compete in the highest levels of powerlifting. We take great pride in guiding our clients in their journey to getting stronger, building muscle, losing fat, and balancing fitness with their lifestyle.

Rachel Bitz, NASM CPT

The Strongstyle Vision

As someone who worked in the corporate 9-5 life for many years, I know what it's like to feel like you have no time for fitness in your life. I remember at various points in my past, where I’ve had to balance studying for college and certification exams along with a job that would take up 12-15 hours of my day. Oh yah, and this was all while I was prepping for some of my powerlifting meets. This meant that along with my work and studies, I had to find the most efficient way to fit training and a healthy diet in my lifestyle.

I don’t believe you can meet anyone that doesn’t have some form of a fitness goal. I have worked with clients that have many different goals, whether it's simply the ability to do a few push ups, run a mile without losing their breath, achieving some amazing feats of strength, looking for guidance on how to fit into that wedding dress/suit, or just simply getting beach-ready for the summer.

I believe the key to achieving this is through an approach that targets sustainability. Everyone in life is dealt with a different deck of cards. Some of us may only have to worry about school, while there are others who need to manage their professional careers, along with being an active member of their family. Regardless of which set of cards you were dealt, I believe we all have a place to add fitness in as well. Health is simply vital towards living a happy life.

If you have fitness goals that you believe are not achievable with your current circumstances, I want to talk with you.

High Quality Coaching 

Customized Programming

Our online coaching consists of a customized program tailored to fit an individual’s specific needs. We do not believe in prescribing unique individuals with general cookie-cutter programs. When you start with us, we will send you a questionnaire asking you many details about your past. After this, we have an initial consultation meeting with you, where we discuss your goals, your current circumstances, and what we believe is the best approach to help you.

Hands On Relationship

We believe the key to a successful coach-athlete relationship starts with communication. This is a requirement for both the athlete and the coach. Along with offering customized programming, we believe that the expectations of communication should be tailored to meet an individual’s needs as well. Some people prefer an online coach who communicates very frequently via text and routine check-ins. Other people prefer an online coach who will simply be an overseer and allow the athlete to navigate through daily challenges on their own. Regardless of your preference, we will work with you to accommodate your needs in this relationship.

A Long Term Vision

The first few years of your lifting career can be a very exciting time. Your muscular development manifests itself almost overnight, your body loses fat at an extraordinary rate, and your strength increases at the fastest rate it ever will. This road to quick results, however, takes a screeching halt as you enter your intermediate and advanced stages as an athlete. If you are still a beginner, we want to ensure that we not only help you express your noob gains in a safe and effective manner, but we want to set you up to be at a point where your habits allow you to continue progressing effectively as an intermediate and advanced lifter. If you are coming to us as someone who already has a few years under the barbell, our goal is to help you create an approach that will allow you to see the maximum benefits from your genetic potential, in the safest manner possible.

A Sustainable Approach

The most important consideration we have as coaches when writing an athlete’s program is considering their overall lifestyle. We have worked with clients from many different backgrounds. Regardless if you are a college student with a part-time job, or a parent with long hours at a highly demanding job, we will do our best to find a way to create the most “optimal” program for you.